Cedar Lake Lodge

Scroll through the photo gallery below and see what Cedar Lake Lodge has to offer! The Cedar Lake Lodge setting is tranquil, peaceful and surrounded by beautiful wilderness. The fishing lodge is located on a 100 acre island on picturesque Cedar Lake. The lodge and cabins are nestled among the trees overlooking the water and every cabin has a view of the lake. At the end of the day's activities, you can relax in your cabin or come to our comfortable, spacious main lodge - the gathering place for those sociable evenings where fishing and hunting tales are swapped. We also have video and satellite T.V. for your enjoyment. The lake and river system where we have built our Canada fishing lodge offers 6,600 acres of prime Canada fishing and access to 15,000 acres of the six adjoining lakes of the Cedar River Watershed without the need to portage.


Scroll through the photo gallery below and see some of the fish caught on Cedar Lake! Cedar Lake offers 6,600 acres of protected waters and access to non portage lakes totalling 15,000 acres of waters defined as the Cedar River Watershed. Cedar Lake offers six game fish species due to the abundance of structure and natural food sources supplied by the watershed. Cedar Lake is an exceptional Walleye fishery, Smallmouth bass fishery, Northern Pike fishery and a class 'A' Muskie fishery where one has a good chance of catching Muskie over 50 inches. Nearby portage lakes offer lake Trout fishing.

The waters are naturally protected as Cedar Lake is 19 miles long with a width generally 1/4 to 1/2 miles and occasionally up to one mile wide, making it safe for boating. Our fishery is supplied by many small streams providing our unique eco system with a never ending food source for larvae, minnows, bugs, invertebrates, bait fish and other creatures in the food chain that feed our game fish. We practice and encourage catch and release fishing and proper fish handling to protect our natural resource for generations to come.